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Company Sector List Date
Arctic Blue Beverages Dryckesbranschen Nasdaq First North 2024-02-22
Seamless Distribution Systems Informationsteknik Nasdaq First North 2024-02-21
Eevia Health Konsument, stabil Spotlight Stock Market 2024-02-22
Pharma Equity Group Pharmaceuticals Small Cap Copenhagen 2023-11-16
JonDeTech Teknik Nasdaq First North 2024-01-23
Aptahem Läkemedel Spotlight Stock Market 2024-01-23
Lyko Detaljhandel Nasdaq First North 2024-01-22
OMDA MedTech Merkur Market 2024-01-19
BPC Instruments Teknik Spotlight Stock Market 2024-01-18
Inission 2023-12-20
CTT Systems Teknik Mid Cap Stockholm 2023-12-15
Envirologic Industri Spotlight Stock Market 2023-12-15
Tangiamo Touch Informationsteknik Nasdaq First North 2023-12-12
Carbiotix Sjukvård Spotlight Stock Market 2023-12-13
CirChem Clean tech Nasdaq First North 2023-12-11
Recyctec Råvaror Spotlight Stock Market 2023-12-08
EcoRub Råvaror Spotlight Stock Market 2023-12-07
Finepart Industri Spotlight Stock Market 2023-12-07
NOSIUM Finans Nordic SME 2023-12-06
Huddlestock Fintech Fintech Euronext Growth 2023-12-06
AcuCort Läkemedel Spotlight Stock Market 2023-12-05
Learning to Sleep Kommunikation Nasdaq First North 2023-10-04
Qlosr Group Teknik Nordic SME 2023-12-01
First Venture Investmentbolag Nasdaq First North 2023-12-01
Lyckegård Group Jordbruk Nasdaq First North 2023-08-28
Alltainer Industri Spotlight Stock Market 2023-11-28
Zoomability Konsument, cyklisk Spotlight Stock Market 2023-11-28
ChargePanel Green Tech Nasdaq First North 2023-09-01
Permascand Miljöteknik Nasdaq First North 2023-11-23
Windon Energy Group Energi Spotlight Stock Market 2023-11-23
Björn Borg Detaljhandel Small Cap Stockholm 2023-11-21
Gold Town Games Kommunikation Nordic SME 2023-11-21
Syncro Group Plattformsteknik Spotlight Stock Market 2023-09-21
C-Rad MedTech Nasdaq Small Cap 2023-11-15
Scandinavian Astor Group Försvarsindustrin Spotlight Stock Market 2023-11-15
Obducat Teknik NGM 2023-11-15
AcouSort Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2023-11-15
STENOCARE Industri Nasdaq First North Copenhagen 2023-11-14
TCECUR Säkerhet Nordic SME 2023-11-10
Movinn Kommunikation Nasdaq First North Copenhagen 2023-11-10
BALCO Group Industri Mid Cap Stockholm 2023-11-09
Careium MedTech Nasdaq First North 2023-11-08
Pricer Teknik Mid Cap Stockholm 2023-11-07
Maven Wireless Kommunikation Nasdaq First North 2023-11-01
Amido Kommunikation Spotlight Stock Market 2023-10-27
Mintra Kommunikation Merkur Market 2023-10-24
OrderYOYO Kommunikation Nasdaq First North Copenhagen 2023-10-23
RanLOS Teknik Nasdaq First North 2023-10-18
Efecte Oyj Kommunikation First North Helsingfors 2023-10-17
Acast Kommunikation Nasdaq First North 2023-10-10
Opter Kommunikation Nasdaq First North 2023-10-10
Nimbus Group Konsumentvaror Nasdaq First North 2023-10-09
RTX Technology Mid Cap Copenhagen 2023-09-28
EasyFill Industri Spotlight Stock Market 2023-09-15
Abelco Investment Group Investmentbolag Nordic SME 2023-03-09
RightBridge Ventures Group Investmentbolag Nasdaq First North 2023-09-12
PolarCool Medicinteknik Spotlight Stock Market 2023-09-11
Chordate Medical Medicinteknik Nordic MTF 2023-09-08
Cline Scientific Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2023-09-06
Fluicell Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2023-09-01
LL Lucky Games Kommunikation Nasdaq First North 2023-08-28
Redwood Pharma MedTech Nasdaq First North 2023-08-24
Luxbright Teknik Nasdaq First North 2023-06-28
Samtrygg Fastigheter Nordic SME 2023-06-26
CombinedX Kommunikation Nasdaq First North 2023-06-15
TEQCool MedTech Onoterat 2023-06-12
Biofrigas Råvaror Spotlight Stock Market
Waystream Group Kommunikation Nasdaq First North 2023-06-08
Micro Systemation Teknik Nasdaq Small Cap 2023-06-02
ContextVision MedTech OB Match 2023-05-23
NFO Drives Teknik Spotlight Stock Market 2023-05-23
SHT Smart High-Tech Teknik Spotlight Stock Market 2023-05-17
Brain+ Läkemedel Nasdaq First North Copenhagen 2023-09-11
Blick Global Group Konsument, cyklisk Spotlight Stock Market 2023-05-05
Spiffbet iGaming Nasdaq First North 2023-05-05
Precise Biometrics Teknik Nasdaq Small Cap 2023-05-04
Wise Group Konsult Nasdaq Small Cap 2023-05-03
Nilar International Teknik Nasdaq First North 2023-05-02
Northgold Råvaror Nasdaq First North 2023-04-27
Realfiction Teknik Nasdaq First North 2023-04-27
Ranplan Group Teknik Nasdaq First North 2023-04-26
Sustainion Group Spotlight Stock Market 2023-04-24
FirstFarms Industry Small Cap Copenhagen 2023-03-31
Nekkar Industry OB Match 2023-03-29
Trifork IT Mid Cap Copenhagen 2023-03-28
4C Group Nasdaq First North 2023-03-27
Safe Lane Gaming Gaming Nordic SME 2023-05-17
Shortcut Media Kommunikation Spotlight Stock Market 2023-03-15
Euroafrica Digital Ventures Tech Nasdaq First North 2023-03-10
Transfer Group Säkerhet och bevakning Nordic SME 2023-03-03
Brdr. A & O Johansen Industriella Varor & Tjänster Mid Cap Copenhagen 2023-01-24
Advenica Teknik Nasdaq First North 2022-12-29
Fragbite Group Gaming Nasdaq First North 2022-12-19
PROMIMIC Bioteknik Nasdaq First North 2022-12-14
Realheart Sjukvård Spotlight Stock Market 2023-06-22
Nepa Kommunikation Nasdaq First North 2022-12-07
SolidX Konsult Spotlight Stock Market 2022-12-06
Insplorion Teknik Nasdaq First North 2022-12-02
Intellego Technologies Teknik Nasdaq First North 2022-12-02
EPTI Teknik Nasdaq First North 2022-11-30
Green Apps Technologies Ed-tech Onoterat 2022-04-11
Fantasma Games iGaming Nasdaq First North 2022-11-21
LMK Group Nasdaq First North 2022-11-18
BeammWave Teknik Nasdaq First North
AlphaHelix Molecular Diagnostics Sjukvård Spotlight Stock Market 2023-03-02
High Coast Distillery Konsument, stabil Nasdaq First North 2022-11-03
Brdr. Hartmann Konsument, cyklisk Köpenhamnsbörsen (Mid Cap Copenhagen) 2022-11-02
Arctic Paper Råvaror Nasdaq Small Cap 2022-11-02
Hexicon Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market 2022-11-01
Novotek Konsult Nasdaq Small Cap 2022-11-01
CTEK Industri Stockholmsbörsen (Mid Cap Stockholm) 2022-11-01
HomeMaid Spotlight Stock Market 2022-10-31
Bioextrax Bioteknik Spotlight Stock Market 2022-10-24
B3 Consulting Group Konsult Nasdaq Small Cap 2022-09-15
JS Security Teknik Spotlight Stock Market 2022-09-09
Spherio Group Klädesbranschen Nasdaq First North 2022-09-02
Huddlestone Kommunikation Merkur Market 2023-09-01
Haypp Group E-handel Nasdaq First North 2022-08-30
Trophy Games Development Gaming Nasdaq First North Copenhagen 2022-08-22
ChromoGenics Industrivaror & Tjänster Nasdaq First North 2022-05-12
GPX Medical Medicinteknik Nasdaq First North 2022-05-27
Kollect on Demand Konsument Nasdaq First North 2022-05-25
Newbury Pharmaceuticals Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2022-05-23
Duearity Healthcare / Tech Nasdaq First North 2022-12-01
Cedergrenska Konsument, stabil Nasdaq First North 2022-05-10
Mestro Teknik Nasdaq First North 2022-04-26
Sun4Energy Teknik Nordic SME 2022-04-08
WirTek Teknik Nasdaq First North Copenhagen 2022-04-07
Godsinlösen Nordic Teknik Nasdaq First North 2022-03-31
Anima Group Konsument, cyklisk Nordic SME 2022-03-30
Hemply Balance Konsument Nordic SME 2022-03-29
TH1NG Kommunikation Nasdaq First North 2022-03-28
SameSystem Kommunikation Nasdaq First North Copenhagen 2022-03-17
Scandinavian Medical Solutions MedTech Nasdaq First North Copenhagen 2022-03-16
PolyPlank Industri Nasdaq First North 2022-03-14
BactiQuant Teknik Nasdaq First North Copenhagen 2022-02-15
Relesys Kommunikation Nasdaq First North Copenhagen 2022-01-31
Precomp Solutions Industri Nasdaq First North 2022-01-31
Humble Group Konsument Nasdaq First North 2021-12-03
Triboron Material Nasdaq First North 2021-12-01
Josab Water Solutions Teknik Spotlight Stock Market 2021-09-10
Bioservo Teknik Nasdaq First North 2021-09-02
Clemondo Konsument, stabil Nasdaq First North 2021-09-02
CAG International 2021-08-09
Newton Nordic Teknik Nasdaq First North 2021-08-27
DistIT Teknik Nasdaq First North 2021-08-26
Quartiers Properties Fastigheter Nasdaq First North 2021-08-03
Risk Intelligence Informationsteknik Spotlight Stock Market 2021-07-23
Svenska Aerogel Holding Råvaror Nasdaq First North 2021-07-08
Hubso Group Teknik Spotlight Stock Market 2021-07-05
SECITS Teknik Nasdaq First North 2021-06-14
Kancera Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2021-06-09
Aerowash Industri Spotlight Stock Market 2021-05-31
QLife Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2021-05-25
Greater Than Informationsteknik Nasdaq First North 2021-05-20
Alelion Energy Systems Industri Nasdaq First North 2021-05-06
EyeonID Teknik Nordic SME 2021-05-06
2cureX Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2021-04-28
Lohilo Foods Konsument, stabil Nasdaq First North 2021-04-19
Firefly Industri Nasdaq First North 2021-03-25
Plexian FinTech Nasdaq First North 2021-03-24
Stille Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2021-03-19
Götenehus Group Konsument, cyklisk Nasdaq First North 2021-03-17
Adverty Kommunikations Nordic SME 2021-03-01
DevPort Konsult Nasdaq First North 2021-02-25
Freja eID Group Teknik Nasdaq First North 2021-02-23
Medfield Diagnostics Sjukvård Spotlight Stock Market 2022-02-01
Impact Coatings Industri Nasdaq First North 2021-01-27
Pharmacolog Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2021-01-14
Vertiseit Teknik Nasdaq First North 2020-12-14
LightAir Industri Nordic SME 2020-12-07
I-Tech Industri Nasdaq First North 2020-12-04
Umida Konsument Spotlight Stock Market 2021-03-12
TerraNet Teknik Nasdaq First North 2020-11-24
Transtema Kommunikation Nasdaq First North 2020-11-10
Avensia Informationsteknik Nasdaq First North 2020-10-28
Irisity Industri Nasdaq First North 2020-10-01
LifeClean Konsument, stabil Nasdaq First North 2020-09-10
Hoylu Informationsteknik Nasdaq First North 2020-08-27
Time People Group Konsult Nordic MTF 2020-07-13
IA Industriarmatur Group Industri Spotlight Stock Market 2020-07-06
Follicum Sjukvård Spotlight Stock Market 2020-06-26
Infrea Industri Nasdaq First North 2020-06-25
Gaming Corps Kommunikation Nasdaq First North 2020-06-25
Kontigo Care Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2020-06-25
Netmore Group Kommunikation Nasdaq First North 2020-06-23
Mantex Industri Nasdaq First North 2020-06-23
Nischer Properties Fastigheter Nordic SME 2020-06-17
Aegirbio Bioteknik Nasdaq First North 2020-06-14
Gullberg & Jansson Råvaror Spotlight Stock Market 2020-06-12
Lammhults Design Group Konsument, cyklisk Small Cap 2020-06-10
Enrad Industri Spotlight Stock Market 2020-06-09
Polygiene Råvaror Nasdaq First North 2020-05-19
Sedana Medical Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2020-05-18
AppSpotr Teknik Spotlight Stock Market 2020-05-14
Genesis IT Teknik Spotlight Stock Market 2021-09-13
Hemcheck Sweden Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2020-05-12
Prevas Konsult Small Cap 2020-05-11
AdderaCare Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2020-05-07
Smoltek Teknik Spotlight Stock Market 2020-04-28
IVISYS Industri Nasdaq First North 2020-04-17
Awardit Konsument, cyklisk Nasdaq First North 2020-04-16
Prebona Råvaror Spotlight Stock Market 2020-04-14
OrganoClick Råvaror Nasdaq First North 2020-04-09
OptiFreeze Teknik Spotlight Stock Market 2020-04-08
RLS Global Sjukvård Nasdaq First North 2020-04-07
Binero Group Teknik Nasdaq First North 2020-04-06
Bactiguard Sjukvård Small Cap 2020-04-05
iApotek Sjukvård Spotlight Stock Market 2020-04-02
DexTech Medical Läkemedel Spotlight Stock Market 2020-04-02
Crunchfish Teknik Nasdaq First North 2020-04-02
Metacon Energi Nordic SME 2020-03-30
CombiGene Läkemedel Nasdaq First North 2020-03-27
BIMobject Teknik Nasdaq First North
Mangold Finans Nasdaq First North 2020-02-19
Drillcon Industri Nasdaq First North 2020-02-06
Jetpak Top Holding Industri Nasdaq First North 2020-01-20
Veg of Lund Teknik Nasdaq First North 2020-01-21
New Nordic Healthbrands Konsument Nasdaq First North 2020-01-08
Divio Informationsteknik Nasdaq First North 2019-12-09
Comintelli Informationsteknik Spotlight Stock Market 2019-11-29
Calmark Medicinteknik Spotlight Stock Market 2019-11-25
Cindrigo Energi Onoterat 2019-11-22
SensoDetect Medicinteknik Spotlight Stock Market 2019-11-19
Meltron Teknik Nordic MTF 2019-11-15
24SevenOffice Teknik Spotlight Stock Market 2019-11-07
BrainCool Sjukvård Spotlight Stock Market 2019-11-08
Plejd Teknik Spotlight Stock Market 2019-10-25
Skogsfond Baltikum Skog NGM Nordic AIF 2019-09-25
Ayima Informationsteknik Nasdaq First North 2019-08-21
LifeAssays Sjukvård NGM 2019-07-22
Moberg Pharma Sjukvård Stockholmsbörsen Small Cap 2019-07-18
Vici iGAMING Informationsteknik Onoterat 2019-06-13
Upsales Technology Informationsteknik Nasdaq First North 2019-06-26
Ferronordic Machines Industrivaror & tjänster Stockholmsbörsen Mid Cap 2019-06-26
Midsummer Energi Nasdaq First North 2019-06-26
TiksPac Dagligvaror Spotlight Stock Market 2019-06-26
NextCell Pharma Läkemedel Spotlight Stock Market 2019-06-17
Eurobattery Minerals Gruvprospektering Nordic MTF 2019-06-10
Scandinavian Enviro Systems Industrivaror & tjänster First North Stockholm 2018-12-06
Lumito Medicinteknik Nordic MTF 2019-05-24
Tourn Dagligvaror Spotlight Stock Market 2019-04-08
Beyond Frames Entertainment Informationsteknik Spotlight Stock Market 2019-03-11
ADDvise Group Hälsovård Nasdaq First North 2019-01-16
Axkid Sällanköpsvaror Spotlight Stock Market 2019-01-08
Axolot Solutions Industrivaror & tjänster First North Stockholm 2018-12-12
G5 Entertainment Informationsteknik Stockholmsbörsen Mid Cap 2018-11-25
Scandinavian ChemoTech Medicinteknik Nasdaq First North 2018-08-24
Freetrailer Group Transport Spotlight Stock Market Danmark 2018-05-18
Toleranzia Medicin Spotlight Stock Market 2018-05-18
Redsense Medical Medicinteknik Spotlight Stock Market 2018-12-12
Alzinova Hälsovård Nasdaq First North 2018-03-07
ZetaDisplay Informationsteknik Stockholmsbörsen Small Cap 2019-07-03
BE Group Material Stockholmsbörsen Small Cap 2018-05-27
Hanza Holding Industrivaror & Tjänster Nasdaq First North 2018-05-27
Invisio Communications Informationsteknik Mid Cap 2018-05-20
Alcadon Group Informationsteknik Stockholmsbörsen Small Cap 2018-05-20
Veteranpoolen Övrigt Spotlight Stock Market 2018-05-06
FM Mattsson Mora Group Industrivaror & tjänster Stockholmsbörsen Small Cap 2018-04-22
Formpipe Software Informationsteknik Stockholmsbörsen Small Cap 2018-04-22
MedicPen Medicinteknik Spotlight Stock Market 2018-04-17
Exalt Informationsteknik Spotlight Stock Market 2018-04-15
Zenicor Medical Systems Hälsovård Spotlight Stock Market 2018-03-18
KnowIT Informationsteknik Stockholmsbörsen Mid Cap 2018-03-03
Doro Informationsteknik Stockholmsbörsen Small Cap 2018-03-02
Allgon Informationsteknik Nasdaq First North 2018-02-16
Nordic Waterproofing Holding Industrivaror & Tjänster Stockholmsbörsen Mid Cap 2018-02-16
Ework Group Industrivaror & Tjänster Stockholmsbörsen Small Cap 2018-02-09
Orexo Hälsovård Stockholmsbörsen Mid Cap 2018-02-02
Serstech Industrivaror & Tjänster Nasdaq First North 2018-02-02
Aspire Global Dagligvaror Nasdaq First North 2018-01-28
Stillfront Sällanköpsvaror- och tjänster Nasdaq First North 2018-01-21
Talkpool Telekomoperatörer Nasdaq First North 2018-01-15