About Analyst Group

Analyst Group was founded in 2014, a time when information available on small and medium-sized companies was considered deficient. Therefore, Analyst Group’s founders chose to start up a a equity research firm with the vision to illuminate and disseminate correct information to provide better support in investment decisions.

Today, Analyst Group is a fast-growing equity research firm with headquarters in Stockholm and a branch in Lund. We work after the  values ​​commitment, passion and trust, with the ambition to write correct and objective analyzes. Therefore, we offer two types of analysis. We offer companies that we consider interesting equity research coverage, we also provide independent analyzes of companies that we believe have a particularly interesting investment idea.

We strive to be the best digital platform that presents in-depth information and investment ideas to contribute to increased transparency.

As a link between investors and companies, we provide support in investment decisions, capital allocation and communication channels

Internal Rules & Disclosure