Intervju med Realfictions VD Clas Dyrholm


VD Clas Dyrholm

For those who have not heard of Realfiction, can you tell us more about your business, what you do, and what market you address?

Realfiction is a technology company working within the display industry. We currently have a portfolio of marketing and experience products on the market. These products address a relatively small market as they are used to holographically display products in stores, at events and for corporate presentations. However, we have been developing a new patent-pending display technology, that will enable the next-generation 3D holographic flatscreen displays. Referred to as “Project ECHO” the technology allows the next generation of flatscreen displays to show three-dimensional imaging to multiple users without needing 3D glasses. Current market solutions are for a single user only, degrade the resolution and can’t be made as large as with our technology, which is the main differences of the ECHO technology as our product is multi-user friendly without compromising image quality and works for larger displays. 

What trends and drivers in society do you see benefiting your company in the future?

We see the emerging AI trend going hand in hand with the need for three-dimensional and interactive screens. For example, we’re seeing a rising number of corporations looking into utilizing AI avatars for multiple reasons, which our technology essentially brings to life, thus opening up a new market for us. 3D content for many uses-cases, including gaming, is being widely developed for the VR market. This content is playable with the ECHO display technology allowing the ECHO display to benefit from a wide range of existing and future 3D content.

Can you elaborate on how Realfiction’s revenue model works?

Today our revenue is based on product sales and rentals of our marketing products and services around those, typically content creation for marketing. As for the new ECHO technology, we’re looking into a licensing model addressing larger tech companies aimed at multiple use cases and industries. 

What do you see as the addressable market for your holographic displays and who is the end customer?

The end goal of the project ECHO technology is to implement it into consumer televisions, however, we do not limit the addressable market to living room usage. We see a substantial need in the digital avatar segment, and we’re also seeing the automotive and medico markets pushing for these solutions. Furthermore, there is an apparent demand in markets such as arts and gaming. Professional use should also be noted as a potential market in the fields of marketing, visualization, remote control, and communication. The potential markets are broad and not limited to the ones beforementioned, and the end customers vary, thus creating excellent opportunities for us to capitalize on our unique technology. 

What are Realfiction’s goals in the short and medium term, and what do you see as the most significant challenges going forward? 

The central short-term goal is to obtain the first commercial agreement for the ECHO technology, and we’re currently in several interesting discussions with multiple potential collaboration/license partners. Medium-term, we aim to launch new ECHO-based products with our partners in different types of markets and, after that, scale up. As for our most significant challenge, that would be the competition. However, Realfiction’s edge over the competitors should be noted as we’re the only one offering multi-user capabilities which positions us favourably in the market. 

Can you name three reasons as to why Realfiction is a good investment today?

  1. Firstly, the immense potential for project ECHO and the vast market it targets, the display industry alone amounted to a US$100bn market in 2022 and has a bright outlook[1].

  2. The timing, as of now, we’re yet to reach our commercial breakthrough for project ECHO, but we’ve never been closer to achieving it.
  1. To capitalize on project ECHO’s potential, you need extensive experience and a capable team, which we have. Our team is experienced on all levels, as well as in our management team, with previous involvement in large projects like ours within the display industry. We all share the same ambition and passion, and I can sincerely say I’m so proud of the entire team.

[1] J.P. Morgan, Global Display Industry, 2023-04-17.