Eevia Health Receives Several Sales Orders for Bilberry Extracts Worth up to EUR 200k

The 18th of October, and on the 19th of October, Eevia Health (“Eevia” or “the company”) the company has received sales orders for bilberry extract products from different customers amounting to EUR 96k, 20k, and 85k, corresponding to a total of EUR 201k.

Eevia reported that a sales order worth EUR 96k from a European nutraceutical brand owner was received. The customer is a European brand owner headquartered in Sweden, which is marketing its consumer products in over 50,000 pharmacies, health food shops, and other retail outlets across 36 countries, including China, and the US. The product is a bilberry extract standardized for anthocyanins and is a repeat order. Eevia is selected due to the high quality and authenticity of the product. This is one of the customers Eevia services without using a distributor. The business has been developed over the last few years, with growing repeat orders.

Furthermore, Eevia received two additional orders. The first order was worth approximately EUR 20k and was received from a contract manufacturer in Helsinki, Finland, that manufactures nutraceutical products of all types of administration forms for large brand holders in the Nordics. The customer ordered a standardized bilberry extract product from Eevia. This is one of the customers Eevia services without using a distributor since the customer is based in Finland and the need for distribution services is very limited. The business and client are new, and Eevia was selected due to the high quality and authenticity of the product. The second order that Eevia received was from Natural Ingredients, Eevia’s distributor in France and certain other European countries. The order is worth EUR 85k and originated from an on-site quality audit that Natural Ingredients undertook at the beginning of October, which resulted in successful audit, and a sales order on standardized bilberry extract products from the distributor.

In conclusion, Eevia has received several sales orders the last couple of days with a total worth of EUR 201k. Although the sales orders are relatively small, Analyst Group believe it is positive that Eevia keeps receiving smaller orders more frequently which keeps the momentum going and adds continuous cash flows which strengthens the liquidity. Furthermore, it is as of now advantageous for the company, as it broadens its customer portfolio and reduces dependency on single large customers. By continuously receiving frequent small orders, we see that it could create “rings-on-the-water”, triggering more sales orders, which will further increase the sales momentum and create a flywheel effect where smaller orders will accumulate over time to become substantial.