Comment on Fluicell’s Press Release Published 2022-06-22

On June 22, 2022, Fluicell announced that they have been selected as one out of ten most innovative companies within 3D printing by the industry magazine All3DP.

Fluicell AB (“Fluicell” or the “Company”) announced last week that the web-based industry magazine for 3D printing, All3DP, has selected Fluicell as one out of ten most innovative companies in the 3D printing industry for 2022. The selection of companies was done by an independent expert committee, consisting of leading stakeholders within additive manufacturing and bioprinting. In the motivation, All3DP specifically mentions Fluicell’s recently launched Biopixlar AER, the market’s first compact 3D bioprinter, as an important breakthrough. No other bioprinting company made it to the list except Fluicell.

Here is what Analyst Group’s Fluicell analyst had to comment about the news:

“Receiving an award like this further validates Fluicell’s technological progress within the 3D bioprinting field, increases the awareness and cements their status as a leader in microfluidic high precision bioprinting. Moreover, one of the committee members, Amy Alexander, is a well-known additive manufacturing industry figure and key opinion leader affiliated with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. She has authored several research papers on 3D printing in hospital settings and made scientific contributions in surgical planning with 3D printing. By catching the attention of magazines like All3DP and increasing the awareness of microfluidic bioprinting to industry figures such as Amy Alexander, as well as other prominent individuals in the committee from other industries, we see that Fluicell is taking the right steps to increase the adoption of their technology and gain acceptance from a broader audience.”