Comment on Eevia Health’s Q2-22 Report

On the 29th of August, Eevia Health (“Eevia” or “The company”) released its quarterly report for Q2-22. Our thoughts about the development during the quarter are presented below:

Statement of Operations at a Glance

During the Q2-22, the net sales amounted to EUR 1.8m (1.5), corresponding to a growth of 23% YoY which is in line with our expectations. The increase in net sales was attributed to improved production performance and output enabled by previous investments which thus made the company to catch up with backlogged sales contracts.

Gross profit in Q2-22 came in at EUR 0.7m, up from EUR 0.4m in Q2-21 and EUR 0.2m in Q1-22. The gross profit in the quarter represents a gross margin of 35% (as a percentage for net sales). This is a significant improvement compared to the latest quarters, and it is in line with our expectations since Eevia’s gross margin has been depressed due to temporary issues with equipment and capacity. Going forward, Analyst Group believes that Eevia should be able to consistently achieve a gross margin of 35-40%. Additionally, the management has guided for an improving gross margin in the future.

The EBITDA during the second quarter amounted to EUR -70k (0.4m) which is near a breakeven level. The decrease of the operating loss was a consequence of implemented changes in production protocols as well as efficiency improvements from the new equipment installations. For example, Eevia installed a new decanter increasing liquid-solid separation by 400% during Q2-22.

Cash Position and Burn Rate

At the end of Q2-22, Eevia’s cash balance was EUR 0.6m, compared to EUR 0.4m the previous quarter at the end of Q1-22, corresponding to a net change in cash of EUR 0.2m. The increase in cash was partly due to Eevia improving the net change in working capital and achieving a positive cash flow of operations of EUR 12k, partly due to a new loan received of EUR 0.6m. Eevia has not been cash flow positive since Q4-20, but after several investments and improvements, it seems that the company has now capacity to take advantage of operational leverage to achieve profitability. Although, one quarter is not a trend, we are positive about Eevia’s prospects going forward. The company’s burn rate per month amounted to EUR -0.1m, compared to EUR -0.5m in the previous quarter which a significant improvement attributed to both a lower operating loss and positive net change in working capital. Given a cash position of EUR 0.6m, and an assumed burn rate of
EUR -0.1m which we think is reasonable due to the company’s improving yields and margins, Eevia is estimated to be financed until the end of Q4-22, all else equal. However, it should be noted that depending on how the net sales contributes to strengthen Eevia’s liquidity position, as well how effectively the working capital is managed, the company could be financed longer than estimated.


Going forward, we see the following triggers:

  • Continued sales growth by booking new orders from customers
  • Improving profitability by shifting to higher margin products as well as increased efficiency
  • Launch of new proprietary products, i.e., Retinari against the eye disease AMD

In conclusion, Analyst Group sees that Eevia is progressing well operatively, where achieving a positive cash flow during times of market turmoil is something we see as a significant sign of strength and resilience in the business model. Although, the company’s liquidity in the short-term looks challenging, we are of the opinion that Eevia’s growth trajectory is sustainable and is likely to continue, given that the company can continue to deliver on the sales backlog, where we have a positive long-term outlook on the company.

We will return with an updated analysis of Eevia Health.