Comment on Bricknode’s New Client Vator

Bricknode announced on Thursday, December 22nd, that Vator Securities (“Vator”), a leading corporate finance and advisory service provider, has chosen Bricknode’s digital investment management platform to administer share issues.

Bricknode has signed the first corporate finance client to Bricknode Broker. Vator can administer its share issues with a highly automated digital investment platform, maintaining share ownership records and fulfilling operational processes by choosing Bricknode. Vator has focused on financing growth companies through a range of issuance service since its launch in 2010. Vator is offering issuer services, as rights issues and directed share issues, Corporate Finance services, as Pre-IPO financing and IPOs and secondaries, and certified adviser services. Vator raises capital from local and global institutional investors, as well as a proprietary network of family offices and high net worth investors. Bricknode’s scalable cloud platform will enable Vator’s ambition to support the growth of many more innovative companies. Vator chose Bricknode’s digital investment platform, Bricknode Broker, in order to digitalize their processes and streamline their share issue operations. Vator is the first corporate finance company to use Bricknode Broker solution, and Bricknode sees a great deal of potential in supporting other corporate finance firms with Bricknode Broker.

Analyst Group view on the agreement with Vator

Last week, Bricknode signed an important client that selected Bricknode Broker solution to manage investment operations. Within two weeks, Bricknode have already signed a second client, Vator, that has selected Bricknode Broker as a platform to administer share issues. Vator is also Bricknode’s first client within the corporate finance segment which can be seen as a proof of Bricknode Broker’s wide range of use, and also imply a greater potential within the corporate finance segment, where other corporate finance firms can be supported by Bricknode Broker. Bricknode Broker supports the operations needs of banks, neobanks, asset managers, fintechs, and now also corporate finance firms. Analyst Group consider Bricknode to be delivering on their strong pipeline, with over 50 prospects, where it should also be mentioned that the sales cycles are long within Bricknode Broker. Bricknode commented that the new client last week has a projected deal value of increasing Bricknode’s annual revenues by around 7-10%, within a few years. Bricknode has not projected the deal value of the agreement with Vator, but an agreement within Bricknode Broker is expected to imply a significantly higher ARR going forward.

“We consider the two new customers to be a significant achievement for Bricknode with a great expected growing ARR in 2023 and beyond. In addition, Bricknode also grows with its customers for example when their usage or volume increases, both also when upgrading their functions on the platform with new add-ons. We repeat our expectation of rising sales going forward, with two new clients and a growing ARR from 2023. We therefore also repeat our valuation range based on our financial forecast for 2023, why Bricknode, at current levels, still trade at a very attractive risk / reward.”, says the analyst at Analyst Group covering Bricknode.