Gomspace CFO-intervju2017-09-06

For those which have not yet heard of GomSpace, could you elaborate a little bit more about who you are, what you do and what markets you address?

The company was established in 2007 (our 10th anniversary is at the end of September). At the beginning the company was founded by three students from AAU (the local university) and it has been growing slowly in the first years, however in 2016 we started expanding significantly and we were also listed at NASDAQ First North Premier in Stockholm in June. At the moment, we are approx. 130 employees and we have just moved into new facilities.

We manufacture nanosatellites – small cube satellites measuring 10x10x10 cm. Our satellites are 1000 times cheaper than traditional satellites and they operate in an altitude of 500-800 km. Our satellites have various application areas; tracking aircrafts and ships, defence/security solutions, remote sensing etc.

We operate in different markets, military and surveillance, communications, navigation as well as the scientific market. We have customers in approx. 55 countries.

We understand that the market for nano/microsatellites is expected to grow in a rapid pace. According to you, what are the main and most important drivers for that expected growth?

The satellites are available to many more customers than before, primarily because of the low cost. Our satellites are manufactured specifically to our customers’ requests and can be manufactured within a fairly short timeline. We consider the availability, short delivery time and the customer-specific end-products to be very important drivers for the growth.

You have set ambitious growth targets and aim to sell for approx. 800 MSEK in 2021. What will it take from you in order to reach that goal?

In relation to our relocation to the new facilities we have had a chance to look at our procedures and how the entire set-up of the company is. We expect that we in future will have a more streamlined production-area and thereby be able to manufacture our products more efficiently.

Do you see any challenges with expanding that fast and at the same time being able to keep your costs under control?

Yes. Since we aim to continue to grow at a high rate and scale up our organization, this will present challenges when it comes to keeping our costs under control.

Do you see any other main challenges that you are facing today, or could face in the future?

One of our main challenges today is the large number of new employees. Even though many of our new employees are very experienced it does take a while before everyone is accustomed to our procedures etc.

Could you mention three reasons for why GomSpace is a good investment today?
1. We experience significant growth, mainly due to the fact that this is a niche market with large potential.
2. We have a competitive advantage as we have proven nanosat capability and a flawless “flight heritage”, moreover we deliver world class radio technology.
3. We have secured several orders, one of them being the largest order of nanosatellites in history, which proves our capacity as a company.


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